About Us

Hey nature lover,
We're glad you came across our website! We, Mirko Zerz and Luca Bortolotto, are both young South Tyroleans who founded Neutralize together to reduce the impact of clothing on the environment. We have always lived in the middle of the Alps and have always observed the changes in our nature from year to year. When we were little we could still celebrate Christmas when it snowed, but that has been history for about a decade. We used to be able to ski in the ski areas with natural snow all winter long, but currently there is on average more artificial snow than natural snow on the slopes. We were also proud of our various mountain lakes and the surrounding natural greenery, but unfortunately more and more of these lakes dry up every year and the surrounding area loses its green hue. We, 21 and 22 years old, cannot leave it like this and want to do our part to make the world a little greener again.
Both work in the same clothing company and there we realized that clothing in particular has a significant impact on our environment and climate change. Starting with fiber extraction, through fabric production, the production of clothing (possible discoloration and printing, as well as frequent washing), then packaging and transport all the way to the end customer. At the end of the day, as a private person, when you hold the T-shirt you want in your hand, it has traveled an average of almost 18,000km, which is equivalent to about half a trip around the world. Here it became clear to us that something had to change in this fashion industry, not only in production, but especially in the purchasing behavior of other people.
This doesn't mean that we should forego beautiful clothing, but rather that purchasing clothing should be done specifically or with the right ulterior motive. Thoughts like: “Where does the t-shirt come from?”; “Under what conditions was the t-shirt made?”; “How many countries did my t-shirt travel through before it found its way to me?”, we should keep in mind think about a purchase.
Our biggest and most important goal is to enable sustainable and, above all, climate-neutral production of clothing of all kinds and also to transform our customers' shopping behavior into sustainable shopping behavior. In order to achieve this goal and free our world from the environmentally harmful burden of the clothing industry, you can support us in our project!

Join us on our journey and support us in making the clothing industry climate neutral and change your wardrobe into a climate neutral world today! We look forward to seeing you!
Your Neutralize Team