We are pleased that you are visiting our website
you came across! We, Mirko Zerz and Luca Bortolotto, are both young
South Tyroleans who founded Neutralize together to increase the influence of
To reduce clothing impact on the environment. We have always lived in the middle of the Alps
and have always observed the change in our nature from year to year. As
When we were little, we could still celebrate Christmas when it was snowing, but this
has been history for about a decade. We were once able to take the ski areas with us
natural snow throughout the winter, currently there is on the
Slopes on average have more artificial snow than natural snow. We were too
proud of our various mountain lakes and the surrounding natural greenery, but
Unfortunately, more and more of these lakes are drying out every year and the surrounding area is losing water
on the green hue. We, 20 and 21 years young, cannot accept this
and want to do our part to make the world a little greener again

Both work in the same
Clothing factory and that's where we realized that clothing in particular is one
has a significant impact on our environment and climate change. Starting at
fiber extraction, fabric production, clothing production
(possible discoloration and printing, as well as frequent washing), then the
Packaging and also transport to the end customer. Ultimately, you are
As a private person, you have the T-shirt you want in your hand
On average, a journey of almost 18,000 km has been completed, which is approximately
half a trip around the world. Here we realized that something in this
Fashion industry needs to change, not just in manufacturing but in front of it
especially when it comes to the shopping behavior of other people.

That's not to say that we're on
Nice clothes should be avoided, but rather the purchase of clothing
should take place specifically or with the right ulterior motive. Thoughts like:
“Where does the T-shirt come from?”; “Under what conditions was the T-shirt
manufactured?"; "How many countries did my T-shirt travel through before it got to
found me?” is what we should think about when we go shopping

Our biggest and most dear to our hearts
The underlying goal is sustainable and, above all, climate-neutral production
of clothing of all kinds and also shopping behavior
of our customers into sustainable purchasing behavior. About this
To achieve the goal and protect our world from the environmentally harmful burdens
To liberate the clothing industry, you can join us in our project

Join us on our journey and
support us in making the clothing industry climate neutral and
Change your closet to carbon neutral today
World! We look forward to seeing you!

Your neutralize